by Illhearted

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released February 5, 2016



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Illhearted Seattle, Washington

Braedon - Vocals
Brett - Guitar
Cameron - Guitar
Dave - Bass
Position Available - Drums

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Track Name: Systematic Suicide
Tension is rising.
They rip at her skin.
The fetus is extracted from within.
Death will follow.
Death will follow.

It's systematic, they want you to die.
Their cancer will eat you alive.

They shackle her offspring, manipulating the neural structure.
Forged to bring people calamity, they walk.
Lifeless in stature.
Behold the children of earth.
A dead creature no god can save.

The famished will suffer.
Their makers will prosper.
They're treated as swine.
A mind bent on profit and dissolution.
The earth will begin to reform.

It's clear to me, our children are our enemies.
Their minds warped from the terrible things that they see.
Ripped from the arms into slavery.
Bound to a chain of false reasoning.

Your life will swiftly flash before your eyes.
And darkness will rain out the clearer.
Your children bred to lead a grim demise.
In this life you gladly left behind.

The earth will begin to reform.
Track Name: Hereafter (ft. Adam Keith)
Deaf and dire.
The wounds cut deeper.
The pain inflicted.
No life hereafter.
I start to find a cure, a remedy.
But it rots at the back of my mind.
Forever plagued by my sorrow.
Forever stuck in this state of mind.

Paranoia fills me, leaving me to fester in this waste I call a body.
No longer a man, forever a coward.
Alone I stand.

So I shall wander the earth.
Plaguing my surroundings.

I don't want to live.
Deaf and dire.
Deaf and dire.
Track Name: Waste
Beaten, broken, barely breathing.
Left alone I start repeating all of your lies and all of the times you've turned against me.
And you're so quick to assume that I have forgotten you.
The pain still lingers.
The pain still shows.

I was left alone with no hope, just anger.
Riddled by my regret, I wonder why the pain still shows.
Your actions cease to take control of me.
I won't be spineless.

Human waste.
So senseless, so numb.
So blind to all that you've become.

I was force-fed your bullshit for four fucking years.
Squirming and screaming, it's hard to think clearly.
At last, some self respect.

This is the life that you've chosen to live.
Now you must face your decisions alone.

you threw your stones.
Track Name: Animosity
Hatred, disgust; my body.
Born to bleed, numb to feelings.
The absence of sleep pressures me.
And my anger, my anger stresses me.
Who's to blame?
Who's to blame.

Born through apathy.
Rotting in this bed awake.
Sleep pressures me.
Time and time again I scream.
My mind plays tricks on me.
My mind plays tricks on me.

My arrogance stems from memories of suicidal tendencies.
Sleep pressured me, I was born to bleed.
In this animalistic society.
My head keeps spinning, and spinning.
Like clockwork, I was born to bleed.

Who's to blame for this animosity?
Track Name: Malignity (ft. Cody Kuzmer)
Fuck this place.
I don't belong here.
It's inhabitants circle the streets in fear.
This organic slough cripples my timid mind.
I suffocate.
My eyes go blind.

Human waste, putrid, decayed with time.
This filthy place.
I'd rather burn alive.
Out in the black, at the edge of space.
Alone at last.
I rot away.

I can't feel my limbs, I'm covered in a bed of nails.
My skin begins to tear, my spine begins to rupture.
I feel the light begin to fade, I rest my head aloft.
"Fear me," Death speaks, as he shuts my eyes.

Why must I commit to my self indulgence?
Every human is plagued.
Every path I chose leads me to annihilation.

This world is nothing but a burial ground where the truth takes it's toll.
Where the culling of society invigorates us all.

People are poison.
This filthy place.